Fourth Street Live! and The Cordish Company are making a tremendous difference in improving downtown Louisville. They've taken a failing downtown mall and turned it into a buzzing hub of entertainment. In this block of downtown, you'll find an amazing melting pot - people of all ages, backgrounds and income levels - coming together to have fun.
Jerry Abramson Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky
Fourth Street Live! is a tremendous asset to downtown Louisville. The development has given life to an urban facility by developing venues that are appealing to convention attendees and tourists. It has also completed the package necessary to attract conventions to the city. The Kentucky Commerce Cabinet, Kentucky Department of Tourism, and the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority are pleased to have provided assistance to this development under the Kentucky Tourism Development Act.
Todd Cassidy Kentucky Department of Tourism; Director- State of Kentucky Economic & Community Development
We appreciate the Cordish Companies efforts to revitalize this iconic place on Norfolk's waterfront. We have a once in a generation opportunity to enhance the waterfront of our great city so today's announcement is incredibly exciting. We have one of the premier developers in the United States willing to invest long-term in our downtown which speaks to our city's positive momentum.
Paul Fraim Mayor of the City of Norfolk
Cordish recognizes the value of investing in communities where they do business, and is committed to diversity because they believe it's good business. They have actively engaged with diverse enterprises to support all areas of their organization…they continually look for certified diverse enterprises who can provide innovative, competitively priced goods and services, and foster community and economic development.
Adolphus M. Pruitt, II President, St. Louis City Branch NAACP
Having started as a $60 million project, we are thrilled that the Cordish team has such confidence in St. Louis that they have increased the scope of this project nearly 7 fold. This will not only bring millions of additional customers to St. Louis, but the dramatically expanded private investment and new jobs will also generate tens of millions of dollars of new annual tax revenues to the City.
Dick Fleming President of Greater St. Louis Inc.
This marks an important milestone for downtown St. Louis. The development of Ballpark Village, anchored by the new Busch Stadium, will be a vitally important catalyst for taking downtown's revitalization to an even higher level. The City and the Cardinals should be commended for their commitment and vision. With The Cordish Company, the Cardinals have brought to St. Louis the leading and most recognized mixed-use developer in the country to make it happen. Ballpark Village is a win for the City of St. Louis in every respect: it will spur new development, it will act as a regional draw and will be a major selling point for conventions. Even at this early stage, it has already drawn national acclaim. The comparatively nominal public investment will pay significant dividend to our citizens for years to come.
James A. Cloar President & CEO of Downtown St. Louis Partnership
The Cordish Companies exceeded our expectations in that the quality of the product that was delivered and the number of jobs that were created were just tremendous.
Otis Williams Executive Director, St. Louis Development Corporation