One of the things I love about the businesses that The Cordish Companies built is that they're inclusive. They hire people from that city. Their workforce looks like that city and they promote people to the very top, of all colors. They do business with minority contractors, they hire diverse workforces with many people from the surrounding neighborhoods.
Benjamin Jealous Former President and CEO of NAACP
The Walk has been an incredibly successful attraction; as well as an economic development tool for the city. It has created jobs, improved the streetscape, helped the downtown feel safer and helped generate a buzz about Atlantic City. The Walk had been a key catalyst to so much in Atlantic City.
Curtis J. Bashaw Executive Director Casino Reinvestment Development Authority
The Cordish Company succeeded in downtown Atlantic City where many other developers previously failed. The Walk was critical to the rebirth of a vital and thriving urban core for Atlantic City, and served as a major economic catalyst.
Honorable Lorenzo T. Langford Mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey
The USO serves the moral support of our active duty military and their families. Without the support of a corporation like Maryland Live! we would not be able to do the programs we deliver 365 days a year.
Elaine Rogers President & CEO, USO Metropolitan Washington
The Cordish Companies has really struck my heart and given our company, a minority led company, the opportunity to be the lead on this $500 million dollar facility. The Cordish Companies deserves just so much credit for taking so much effort to reach out to local businesses to really do due-diligence and to take a risk that no other developer has taken in the state of Maryland.
Kevin Johnson President & CEO, Commercial Group
The Cordish Company is one of Baltimore's brightest visionaries, transforming the white elephant that was The Power Plant into a thriving destination for tourists.
The Baltimore Business Journal
The Power Plant is a prime example of the conversion of functionally obsolete building into a successful, modern project. The developer saved the four towering smokestacks - visual reminders of Baltimore's industrial past - and extended the eastern edge of the Inner Harbor, compounding its success as an urban entertainment district.
ULI Awards Profile
Cordish's Maryland Live! is an excellent corporate citizen. Thousands of jobs have been created. Cordish is so respected that other companies looked at us as leaders because Cordish blessed us.
Wayne Frazier President, Maryland-Washington Minority Companies Assn.