Ballpark Village

With our Ballpark Village development in St. Louis, we created multiple levels of collaboration with the public sector, civic groups and community groups, to ensure that the project would serve and enhance its community. A public-private partnership with the City of St. Louis, we worked with the City to craft aggressive goals for MBE/WBE participation in project construction. We created partnerships during construction with the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE), the St. Louis Development Corporation, and the NAACP-St. Louis Chapter, and worked extensively with these groups to craft and implement local hiring plans and attract local and minority businesses to the project. Additionally, we formed the Ballpark Village Community Advisory Committee, which advises us on how to maintain diverse and inclusive operations of the project. We also regularly host, without charge, a variety of local civic and non-profit groups’ events at our space, from charity fundraisers to free family events to ethnic festivals/events, to health and wellness experiences.


Key Facts

  • Public-private partnership with City of St. Louis
  • Multiple levels of partnership with local economic development, job training and civil rights groups
  • Formed local Community Advisory Community
  • Extensive program of hosting community, civic and non-profit events